Rheem SA (Pty) Ltd (“Rheem”) is South Africa’s largest 100% black owned industrial packaging manufacturer and marketer with operations in Durban, Alrode, Vanderbijlpark, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The company currently does not have physical presence outside the South African borders. However, some of our customers are based in areas like Zimbabwe, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Zambia. The Corporate Head Office is based in Durban, South Africa.

Since 2001 when our BEE shareholder, OD Investments (Pty) Ltd, acquired a stake in Rheem, the support received from our customers and employees in making Rheem a South African BEE success story has been overwhelming. We accordingly would like to thank all our customers and employees for their support not only over the past 13 (thirteen) years of Rheem being a BEE company, but over the more than 47 (forty-seven) years of Rheem’s existence as an industrial packaging manufacturer and marketer in the South African Packaging Industry.


We undertake to continue playing our strategic role in the industry by meeting our customers’ industrial packaging needs, and generally being a reliable and responsive partner in their supply chain. In line with this undertaking, a capital expenditure budget of over R40million which includes manufacturing equipment and buildings has been approved for 2013.

We similarly commit to continue providing our more than 400 employees with a safe, happy, and sustainable working environment in which they can earn a living to support themselves and their respective families.

Rheem is a responsible corporate citizen and we truly believe that each and every citizen needs to play an effective role in the continued growth and development of our beautiful country. In addition to creating the appropriate work environment for our employees to support themselves and their families, Rheem is also a member of the Packaging Council of South Africa (“PACSA”). PACSA aims mainly to ensure that the operations of the packaging industry players are environmentally friendly, and generally promote responsible behaviour by all players in the packaging industry right from the raw material manufacturers to the end-user of packaging. This prompted Rheem SA to be a founder member of SAICRA (South African Industrial Container Reconditioners Association) in 2012 to further pursue this course.


yellow-square 1960’s

  • Rheem was established in 1967 with Durban Plant to supply petrochemical industry whilst associated with Rheem USA and Rheem Australia.

yellow-square 1970’s

  • Rheem invested in a second drum line for the inland market catering for the mining industry needs

yellow-square 1980’s & 1990’s

  • Rheem established decorated pail and can lines extending their offering to existing customers and attracting new customers in the pail and can market.
  • The tinplate de-coiling and cutting facility was established in Vanderbijlpark as a vertical intergration.
  • Anglo American acquired Rheem SA as foreign owner disinvested.
  • Rheem SA diversified into making tinplate beverage crowns and aluminium beverage cans

yellow-square 2000 →

  • Anglo American sold non-core activities to OD Investments, Rheem management and private equity backers acquired all the minority shares in 2010 and became the sole shareholder.
  • Rheem invested in a new plastic operation in 2007 which was sold in 2012
  • OD Investments (Pty) Ltd acquired all the minority shares in 2010 and became the sole shareholder.