yellow-square  Community Involvement

Rheem South Africa is a company that appreciates the urgent need for every corporate citizen of the country to make a contribution towards the rebuilding of South Africa.

Accordingly, in addition to the majority of the shares being held by previously disadvantaged South Africans, the company has a procurement strategy which promotes the purchasing of goods and services from companies which are owned by previously disadvantaged South Africans. We are fully aware of our responsibilities to the community. We provide support to various initiatives.


yellow-square  Human Capital

Employee wellbeing, skills and development

In the South African context Rheem has a strong legal and corporate responsibility to the wellbeing of its employees and workers. Rheem currently has over 400 permanent employees.

Rheem joined the MEIBC industrial bargaining council in 2003 and offers benefits and conditions in excess of those governed through membership. Rheem also funds the membership of a retirement fund and medical insurance scheme for its employees

Rheem has a renewed focus on employment equity and the constructive role that it can play in uplifting and empowering its employee base.

Established employment equity committees ensure that the spirit and the law of the act is upheld in the plants. Rheem has implemented equitable employment practices across race, gender and age.

Training and skills development is a key pillar of our organisational vision and our quality systems. Training is multi-disciplinary and focuses mostly on technical, managerial planning and skills and quality management. Adult Basic Education Training focusing on basic literacy and numeracy is also provided to employees.