Metal Drums

Metal drums, ranging from 36 litres to 235 litres, remain the best suited method for transporting of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, of any form, from point to point. Drums are manufactured either from cold rolled or galvanized steel from a gauge of 0.50mm to 1.2mm. Metals welds are triple seamed.

All our products comply with UN performance requirements and can also be supplied with special linings for specific product protection. The drums available include open head (removable lid) and tight head drums.

Rheem has the only lithographic drum printing facility in South Africa and is thus able to produce high quality and colourful, decorated drums to customer requirements.

Rheem has over 40 drum trailers deployed at its Durban plant (capacity of 300 drums each) with a further 10 in Alrode that can also be stored on rotation at customer sites as drop trailers. Rheem routinely maintains drum finished goods stocks of 2 weeks and has abundant space to store drums on its sites if required by customers.

Rheem is a member of Drumnet International, a collective of drum manufacturers from various countries that share best operating practices.



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Tight Head

Our popular drum size is the 210L drum. The Tight Head series consists of 210L & 225L drums.

Open Head

Our drum sizes range from 36L to 235L. The standard sizes are 36L, 40L, 50L, 77L, 90L, 100L, 160L, 180L, 200L, 210L, 225L and 235L.